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Protect Your Motorola two-way radio with a service plan, maintain peak performance, make sure they’re always in top operating condition with a comprehensive service plan, they’re Your Lifeline...

We know that your Motorola two-way radios are key to your business, professional, and personal lives. When your portable and mobile radios require repair, you need them to be fixed and back in operation.

When you purchase a service plan from us, you’re ensuring top performance from your Motorola two-way radios. You’re also extending the life of your investment.
Just as you take your car in for a regular service to keep it running longer and more efficiently, two-way radios will last longer and perform more efficiently if you keep them current with firmware updates, properly aligned, replace batteries every 2-4 years, and repair parts as needed.

You can eliminate unpredictable repair costs for just a few dollars per month, per unit. The coverage you get with a service plan means that you can bring your radios to us whether there is a problem or if you just want a routine checkup.

Our service agreements cover everything from normal wear and tear...to routine repairs...to preventive maintenance checks...to comprehensive coverage on antennas and batteries. We can even customize a service plan to fit your needs.

System Management
A do-it-yourself strategy doesn't always make sense when you're trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget, and people. Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn't have to be your job. Why not let us help? We provide the technical expertise; you get the peace of mind.
Make your costs predictable. You can offload some or all of the responsibility (and risk) of managing, maintaining, and upgrading your system.

Build, Manage & Maintain

You can arrange for us to handle the lifecycle management and maintenance of your system.
There's no better investment in network performance than putting the powerful resources of our technical staff on your team.
We have the engineering knowledge you need to design, build, upgrade, expand, and maintain mission-critical networks. Our complete array of Technical Services is available when you need it.