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Why do I need an FCC license?

You must obtain an FCC license to use professional two-way radios that operate on frequencies regulated by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Please note that radio models VL-50 and DTR-700 do NOT require an FCC license for all other radio models we’re here to help!

We work closely with FCC coordinators on current FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future. We feel it is important to make you aware of FCC Licensing changes that could affect your business communications and to ensure proper management of your licenses to avoid costly loss of frequencies or fines resulting from use not consistent with FCC rules and regulations. We are pleased to offer our customers assistance obtaining an FCC license, including all necessary filings and submittals.

Our team can help you with the entire process. Please contact us today for assistance with your FCC license (855)-624-7669