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My family and I went on a big camping trip recently in Utah. I was afraid we wouldn’t have cell service, so I rented two-way radios for us to use. Boy, am I glad I did! I could hear my husband from the top of a mountain like he was standing right beside me. The battery life was impressive, and the radios themselves were easy to use. The price too was affordable and well worth paying!Like

David R

I needed 2 way radios for a job I had. I decided to rent since I needed them for that one job only. I contacted MCIS. Ben was really helpful. I didn't know much about these types of communication systems, but he explained how they worked and how we could use them to the best of our advantage. Their rental prices were great, as was their customer service.

James Janson

As a business owner and manager, I oversee a lot of employees. When I decided to take them all to a conference in San Francisco, I didn’t want to lose track of anybody, so I rented two-way radios from MCIS. The employees are trained by Motorola, so they all knew their stuff. They told me everything I needed to know to effectively use the radios and tell others how to use them. The SF conference was a blast, and we all made it back to LA in one piece, two way radios in hand.

Robert Burg