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Radio Repair Services

MCIS offers you the benefit and convenience of two-way radio repair for both hand held 2 way radios and mobile radios. Why our two way radio repair program is so popular:

  • Flat rate pricing for mobile or hand held two way radio repair
  • We'll send you a Free Loaner Two Way Radio if you need one while yours is being repaired
  • FREE Return Shipping from our two way radio repair facility
  • Quick return
  • No need to wait for an estimate
  • You know the total cost of the repair right now, not after you receive the repaired radio back
  • No surprises! No extra charges for parts or shipping

Contact us today (by completing the form below and recieve confirmation, print our email confirmation and place it in the box with your equipment, then simply ship your package to the address below. Use a shipping company that will give you a tracking number.

Mission Critical Information Systems

1301 S Lyon St

Santa Ana, CA 92705

The flat rate radio price includes;

  • Parts, labor, repair and return shipping charges
  • Reconditioning and analyzing the radio battery if you include it with your hand held radios
  • There are no additional charges - no surprises!
  • Estimate fee: $35.00
  • Bench Labor Rate: $88.00 / per hour (charged by the 1/10th of the hour)
  • All radios submitted for repair are authorized by the customer for an estimate of $150.00 repair charge per radio.
  • All radios with excessive dirt, wear or abuse are authorized for an additional $25.00
  • All radios with missing parts or damaged housing are authorized for an additional $50.00
  • All radios with damaged LCD are authorized for an additional $75.00

When estimated repair charges exceed these limits, we will contact you for authorization

Two Way Radio Repair

Our two way radio repair services are ideal for companies and individuals based in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside. Between simplified pricing and a variety of free features, repairs performed by our technicians are convenient as well as affordable. Our staff has received training directly from Motorola, ensuring that our service is also fast and accurate. Read on to learn more about how our repair service can simplify your professional or personal two-way radio usage.

Simple Pricing Eliminates Confusion

Our repair service is based on flat rates, which can ease your communications budget and help ensure that your connectivity remains constant. Because you do not have to wait for an estimate before getting repairs done, you can avoid interruptions in your operations. If you mail your radios to us for repair, return shipping is free. Costs of replacing certain parts or eliminating dirt and grime from radio exteriors are already established, and if we uncover the need for additional repairs, we always seek authorization before completing them.

Service by Mail

Our mail-in two way radio repair services offer convenience that can save you time and gas associated with delivering radios to our technicians in person. You can help safeguard your two-way radio investments by using tracking when you mail the radios to our location. When we finish the repairs, we will send the radios back to you right away so you can get your communications up and running again without delay.

Free Features Make Repairs Easy

We offer a number of advantages that reduce the hardships associated with temporarily letting go of your devices for two way radio repair. While your own radios are being repaired by our technicians, you can use loaner radios provided by us at no cost. Free return shipping means that once you calculate your repair budget once, you will not have extra expenses to consider later.

If you are in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino or Riverside, you can count on us for a committed approach to keeping your radio network functional. Confusion-free pricing, free return shipping and loaner radios all make the experience a breeze. Instead of replacing your radios, you can use our two way radio repair services to maintain your existing communications network longer.

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