Two Way Radio Repair Center

Whether clients are located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino or Riverside, they can visit our two way radio repair center to get their communications systems up and running again. MCIS has earned a reputation as a foremost repairer of two-way radios with its staff of Motorola-trained technicians. For business or consumer applications, these repairs can prevent downtime as well as the costs and inconveniences often associated with repair services.

Simply Priced Repairs

Repairs from MCIS are priced to simplify budgeting for clients. All repairs are based on flat rates, and when new issues are found, our technicians speak with clients before completing those repairs. Housing, internal components, LCDs and other parts can be repaired or replaced according to the needs and wishes of clients.

Choosing MCIS for Repairs

Clients who choose our two way radio repair center can count on a variety of benefits on top of simplified pricing. For example, MCIS provides clients with radios to use while their own radios are being repaired, preventing communication interruptions during the repair process. When clients ship their radios to MCIS for repair, they also enjoy free return shipping from the company. Finally, clients who work with MCIS can count on expert recommendations for two-way radio replacement if it becomes desirable for them.

Additional Benefits

By visiting our two way radio repair center, businesses and consumers can maintain their operations for longer without spending more money on new equipment, configuration and training. If radios break just as clients are preparing to approach a new project, repairs from MCIS can prevent delays thanks to fast job completion. Clarity of pricing with every repair prevents budgeting issues, which particularly benefits smaller businesses.

All work performed by our two way radio repair center is completed with a focus on satisfying clients. These devices offer profound value to companies that need versatile communications on a daily basis, and access to reliable repairs extends these benefits even longer. With more than 20 years working with two-way radios, MCIS is a top choice for clients in and around Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside.

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