Handheld Two Way Radios

Two-way radios simplify the business operations and personal lives of countless clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside. At MCIS, handheld two way radios are especially popular for clients who need reliable communication on the go. In remote locations or distant reaches of manufacturing facilities, handheld units provide connections to the rest of the world at the press of a button.

Handheld Features

Stationary units can provide the widest range of features for use in vehicles or buildings where portability is unnecessary, but handheld features are the only choice for users who need versatile connections wherever they go. With modern handheld units, clients also enjoy virtually all of the features associated with larger units. Also called walkie talkies, these radios are invaluable for professionals who need to communicate with co-workers, management and base command while they are in the field.

New Features on Handheld Models

The latest handheld two way radios provide impressive features related to sound quality, transmission distance, durability, battery life and more. Small but powerful speakers convey crystal-clear transmissions to users even in loud environments. With heavy-duty housing, handheld radios of today give users peace of mind about taking them on excursions to outdoor areas, where dropping a radio might present risks of damage. Like some stationary models, certain handheld radios can be integrated with online networks to communicate with others in any location in the world. Finally, battery life improvement is essential for use in areas where recharging is not an option.

Many Applications

Industrial use of handheld two way radios is familiar to many, but commercial, emergency and residential use of these devices is also increasingly common. In fact, handheld radios provide a reliable alternative to mobile phones thanks to more stable networks. In any place where portable communications are necessary or desirable, handheld radios can be a worthwhile solution thanks to their features and dependability.

MCIS stocks an array of handheld radios for the convenience of local clients. By contacting or visiting MCIS, area residents who are interested in these products can find out which ones match their intended applications. Once purchased, handheld two way radios can be installed, configured and managed by trained MCIS personnel.

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