Motorola Two Way Radio Accessories

Motorola provides a number of accessories to enhance the experiences of consumers who purchase their cutting-edge two-way radios. For business owners and residential users in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside, MCIS is a premier source of a full range of these items. Available Motorola two way radio accessories include antennas, batteries, chargers and audio items.


Consumers can choose from a variety of antennas designed for specific styles of two-way radio usage. Depending on the need for rugged construction, transmission distance or different frequencies, consumers who visit MCIS can buy stubby, slim or helical antenna styles. For easy organization of multiple antennas, users can employ colored bands that correspond to separate frequency ranges.


A number of Motorola two way radio accessories are available to enhance the audio enjoyed by two-way radio users. For greater clarity during communications in noisy environments, users can take advantage of earpieces and headsets from MCIS. Remote speakers are also available for heavy-duty usage.


Motorola two way radio accessories include multiple batteries that conform to different styles of usage. For example, enhanced battery time is featured by certain batteries from MCIS. Rugged construction, waterproof design and usage pattern detection are available with individual types of batteries. To determine which batteries are most appropriate for certain requirements, consumers can speak to our expert sales professionals.


Motorola two-way radio users should use the right battery chargers to optimize their time using these devices. Depending on usage environments, consumers can choose from fleet chargers, single-unit chargers, multi-unit chargers, travel chargers and more. Easy access to stationary charging is made possible by wall mount kits that are designed for charging multiple units at one time.

For residential, commercial or industrial use, Motorola two way radio accessories are valuable for making two-way radio communication even easier. The selection of accessories carried by MCIS ensures that users receive the best experience possible after choosing their devices. After accessories are bought by clients, MCIS technicians can help with associated installation and configuration tasks. Consumers can contact MCIS directly to learn more about specific accessories and how they can ease communications.

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