Digital Two Way Radios

Digital two way radios from MCIS provide a variety of benefits to consumers in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside who want crystal-clear, hassle-free communications. With more consumers and companies abandoning analog frequencies in favor of digital ones, clients who opt for digital radios can stay on the cutting edge while saving money at the same time. Here is more about what digital radios have to offer users.

Top-Notch Clarity

Improved sound clarity is one of the crowning features of digital two way radios. In contrast to analog radios, which are prone to interference from a number of sources during use, digital radios provide a high level of sound quality even over long distances. Mechanisms inside of digital radios automatically correct sound signals upon receipt, ensuring that users save time that they might have otherwise spent repeating themselves by using analog radio models.

Longer Battery Life

Battery life is an important feature whether clients are working in remote locations or distribution facilities. Thanks to the use of TDMA, or time division multiple access, certain digital two way radios actually use less battery life during communications compared to analog models. Time spent transmitting signals is reduced considerably this way, helping to ensure that users do not have to repeatedly interrupt their work flow in order to recharge these crucial devices.

Greater Efficiency

Efficiency of radios, like all technology assisting companies, is paramount to achieving maximum profits. By choosing digital two way radios over analog ones, companies can actually reduce their costs associated with licensing frequencies. This is because TDMA can run two paths on single frequencies, halving the total number of frequencies that needs to be purchased. Depending on how clients plan to communicate, they can use pairs of paths on individual frequencies for voice, data or both.

For use in commerce, industry, emergency response or residential environments, digital radios improve efficiency and results for a better overall experience. A wide range of digital models is available at MCIS to suit different purposes. When clients visit MCIS, our sales personnel can help them identify radios that are ideal for their requirements.

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