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Situations that require effective and fast action demand that public safety officials are equipped with the most dependable public safety communications technology. Motorola’s public safety communication networks offer the flexibility you need in mission critical situations. Locate your mobile teams in real time, communicate seamlessly across agencies and activate broadband in a given area. Whatever the need, ensure that the public safety communications systems your agency is using can meet the challenges faced by first responders.

Our team can help design and implement specific industry solutions such as APCO 25 Voice and Data Communications, Interoperable Communications, Secure Mobile Broadband on Public carrier with 4G capability, Deployable Communication Systems, APCO 25 HPD Solutions and Narrowbanding – all critical factors affecting today’s public safety first responders.

In the harsh environment of mission critical vehicles, access to vital information when and where you need it is crucial. MCIS integrates CAD systems, Records Management, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and other applications.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) delivers the ability to read vehicle license plates and check them against a database to rapidly identify vehicles. Fixed cameras can be mounted in high traffic areas or mobile units can be installed in patrol vehicles. Systems can be used for several applications including:

  • Identifying stolen vehicles
  • Amber alert
  • Identifying vehicles with outstanding parking citations
  • Tracking suspects of interest
  • Identifying authorized/unauthorized parking privileges

There are many challenges associated with staying connected to critical applications while mobile. You deal with several challenges including network connectivity, session persistence, security, and bandwidth requirements. MCIS has the hardware, software, and network experience to solve many of these issues. We also have the ability to integrate legacy data radio systems with carrier IP networks to leverage your current investment and increase your capabilities.

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