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Motorola APX7500
Motorola APX7500 Consolette
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The APX™ 7500 Consolette is the ideal complement to your dispatch console. It is the low cost, mid-power RF control station for the ASTRO®25 system when you want a wireless dispatch solution. Plus, you can use it as an emergency backup station when infrastructure is off-line or for wireless access to different system types for increased interoperability between agencies. Equipped with leading edge P25 Phase 2 TDMA technology and multiband interoperability, the APX 7500 consolette is the first choice for public safety and federal users.
Avtec Scout
Avtec Scout Console
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Avtec Scout is a true VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) console, it can be deployed to meet requirements impossible for older TDM (Time Division Multiplex) technology to match. It works for both small scale applications consisting of 1 or 2 console positions to Enterprise-wide installations with multiple control centers, talking to thousands of mobile radio and telephone users. In either size application, the same resilient and redundant architecture provides the flexibility to adapt to ever changing business needs.
CENTRACOM Elite Dispatch Control Center
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Take your operation to the next level with a CENTRACOM™ Elite advanced dispatch control center. It's fast and powerful, yet especially simple to learn and use. With benefits that range from more effective communications to customized convenience and improved security, it's no wonder that CENTRACOM Elite is the brain of your operation. This software-based radio dispatch control center features an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that runs on a Microsoft® Windows NT operating system.
CommandStar Console
CommandStar Lite Console
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The CommandSTAR Lite console is capable of independent operation or can be used in parallel with multiple positions. Multi-tasking allows the operator to perform various tasks simultaneously.CommandSTAR Lite is a reliable, feature-rich conventional mobile radio that offers high-level dispatch functionality.
MC1000 Deskset Controller
MC1000 Deskset Controller
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About the size of a telephone, the cost-effective MC1000 Deskset allows remote-control access to the basic functions of a single-base station, repeater or radio in a conventional system. This compact yet powerful deskset allows 10 units to operate in parallel and offers hands-free operation.
Motorola MC2000
MC2000 Deskset Controller
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A step up from the MC1000, the compact and cost-effective MC2000 provides remote access to the functions of a single-base station, repeater or radio in a conventional system. This truly advanced deskset controls 12 more frequency stations than the MC1000, includes a display and enhanced features like Stat-Alert.™ It can also operate up to 10 units in parallel.
Motorola MC2500 Deskset
MC2500 Deskset Controller
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This small yet powerful mini-console allows remote access to the functions of up to four analog base stations, repeaters or control stations in a conventional system. The MC2500 is the next step up from the MC2000. With features like Stat-AlertTM, individual volume control and unselect speaker connector,  the MC2500 is truly an advanced deskset. Up to 10 units can operate in parallel.
Digital Deskset Controller MC3000
MC3000 Desk Controller
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When you need full- remote control over a variety of radio systems through a single deskset, choose the MC3000 Deskset Controller. This digital deskset can remotely control all radio functions and frequencies of the MCS2000® Model III or ASTRO® Digital Consolette. The MC3000 works in both conventional and trunked analog systems. Up to 31 of these units can be operated in parallel.
MCC5500 Motorola
Motorola MCC5500
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When you want maximum control and reliability for sophisticated conventional and trunking communications systems, you need the Motorola MCC 5500. This modular workstation provides fully functioned dispatch capabilities for conventional radio systems and can control multiple, wireless radio systems.  

The MCC 5500 Dispatch Console is a part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of integrated communications and information solutions and is intended to be the heart of all communications in a small to medium sized conventional radio system.
Motorola MCC7500
Motorola MCC7500
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Seamless integration into ASTRO® 25 trunked networks is at the heart of the MCC 7500's command and control solution, which provides interoperability, cost savings and security advantages for mission critical communications. 

MCC 7500 consoles connect directly to IP networks without interface boxes, digital voice gateways or backroom electronics. All console activity including trunked and conventional audio, auxiliary inputs/outputs and configuration/fault management is supported by IP network.